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Matt Sewell's A Crushing Glow Gayatari Mantra 12" Reviewed By Test Pressing

John Kertland A Crushing Glow Artwork Balearic Chill Mantra Mantra Box Matt Sewell Meditation Tantric Test Pressing Yoga

The  taste-makers at the redoubtable Test Pressing blog have some lovely words for the Matt Sewell A Crushing Glow Gayatari Mantra 12" out now on Caroline True Records.

"The “Folk” melody woven throughout must have travelled across continents & millennia, as I could somehow just as easily hear it sung by the old boys in a Galway pub as on the busy streets of Bombay. A universal hymn. A reminder that music links us, all and everything."

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Read the full feature on the Test Pressing blog HERE:

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