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DrumTalk-Matt Sewell-New Limited A Crushing Glow 12" Release - Pre-Order Next Friday!

John Kertland 12" Vinyl A Crushing Glow Ambient Artwork Balearic Blissed Out Chill Cosmic CTR Limited Edition Ltd Vinyl Matt Sewell Meditation Vinyl

Matt Sewell’s A Crushing Glow Presents –DrumTalk – Out Of The Blackness, Into The Blue (Blue Colour-In-Colour 12” & Limited Edition Matt Sewell Phenakistiscope Print With Initial Copies)

A truly cosmic new 12" on highly revered illustrator &  audio-digger Matt Sewell's A Crushing Glow imprint via Caroline True Records.DrumTalk's "Out Of The Blackness Into The Blue" is due for release Friday 27th October.  In collaboration with esteemed artist and illustrator Matt Sewell,London based producer DrumTalk has produced a lush soundscape that aims to capture the essence of A Crushing Glow. Once again, Matt has created lovely original artwork to grace the release.  

A pre-order & listening link for this amazing limited edition will be available here on Friday 13th October. 




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