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No-Ones Listening Anyway - UK DIY Post Punk & Dubs 1980-1984 (Volume 1) Compiled By Jason Boardman


No-Ones Listening Anyway - UK DIY Post Punk & Dubs 1980-1984 (Volume 1) Compiled By Jason Boardman



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Compiled by Jason Boardman ( Before I Die Records) Celebrated Manchester club-night curator & record Label Owner , DJ & digger - supreme.


An album of early 1980s Post-Punk era musical  bedroom & small studio innovations & DIY Inspirations - Featuring rarely / never heard cuts from that period. Including tracks sampled by DJ Shadow & a singular Post-Punk era back-handed tribute JCC track :-) From Coventry's 2-Tone associated Skeet to Surface Mutants Cabaret Voltaire facilitated Dub & the out-there pastoral Post-Punk spaciness of The Dealers ..A rich vein .



"This is a snapshot of a fertile time in UK music, a time of independent artists, studios, labels & distributors collaborating to do it themselves, sidestepping the majors to take their shot at the big time. It didn't always work out but they made a record and that's what counts. It is a collection of the lost and overlooked - not intended to be a definitive guide to the period but an opportunity to shine a light on the creative output of these artists and share them once again so they can get the recognition they deserve."


(Jason Boardman May 2024)




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Bally O’Brien - Tell Me Why The Tape Wobbles 

Anorexia - Inanimate Objects

Methodishca Tune – LFD 

Sprout Head Uprising – I Wish, I Wish 

The Four Kings – Disgraceful Version 

Swamp Children – Call Me Honey 

Cathy La Creme -I Married A Cult Figure 

57TH Parallel-Psalm Fifty Seven




Surface Mutants-Train Dub 

Khartomb - King Skin (Rough Mix )

The Dealers - Share the World (Part 2)

Skeet - Avril In The Alps 

Group Therapy-Arty Fact 

Club Of Rome- Bedroom Scenes 

APB - Help Yourself 

Sirons-Cruise Missile Blues




Album Release July 2024

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